Augmented Reality for Vessels

Remote Surveys, Inspections and Technical Guidance


A New Level of Maritime Inspections & Surveys

Ermis is a tailored Augmented Reality solution for vessels that provides real time, bidirectional information exchange in the form of text, graphics, audio and visual elements, integrated within the optical view of the person onboard making remote view, inspection, assistance, and knowledge transfer, direct and immediate without the need of the shore expert to be physically present onboard.
Ermis can empower you to conduct immediate onboard inspections and surveys. Using our sophisticated wearable glasses with their integrated camera, the shore side can have a direct view onboard and display guidance directly to the user’s field of view using our new smartphone application, through our mobile connectivity terminal.

Managers, operators and owners can bring the inspection process to the office, enhancing safety and reducing costs and time to react, as per latest instructions from Flag Administrations and Port State Control Organisations, at the level of inspecting and auditing.

The Shipping Industry’s new suggestion to see, inspect and survey remotely

Mixed Reality can assess, decide and guide immediately.


Owners, operators and managers can make real time-decisions and guide the crew accordingly. No time is wasted. Time tolerances are eliminated with real time audio and video and guidance. Ermis brings new potentials to the maritime industry, from maintenance, to remote assistance as first level support, immediate diagnostics, work tasking and training.


Ermis enhances efficiency, from maintenance to incident response. With the aid of Ermis, field service engineers, crew members, technical and operations personnel can share expertise directly on-site, achieving minimum response times regardless of where the ship is. Troubleshooting is made immediate and simplified, while time, cost saving, collaboration and risk management capabilities are enhanced like never before.


As it is a managerial decision to balance between fleet operational efficiency and productivity, resource and specialty utilisation along with minimising response times and expenses for too many technologies involved in a vessel’s operation, it is made clear that Ermis can only have positive uses onboard, as it rectifies essential negative metrics in actual field service, such as response time, trouble shooting, problem definition and resolution time, along with first line and on-time onboard guidance, inspections and audits.