IQ Solutions has become a Digital Integrator and an ICT Services Provider, focusing on innovative Cyber Secured ICT managed solutions tailored to the needs of the Maritime Industry

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IQ Solutions SA Evolution Towards the most complete Cyber Secure ICT Solutions in the Globe. IQ Solutions leads an amazing trip & an evergreen process of innovative ICT Services outperforming the needs of the Maritime Industry.


November 3


Vtalos, our Central Vessel USB Control Station service is launched and Awarded. Ermis, our Augmented Reality Solution for vessels is tested and launched. New Services for HSQE Support – Vessel Risk/Vulnerability Assessments and crew trainings are offered. Our New Portal was launched. Customers receive Cyber Security Notation using VCell.
May 31


We became official representatives of KVH’s VSAT in the Hellenic Region. KVH announced IQ Solutions as their Preferred Partner for Agile Managed ICT Services for Vessels, combining their VSAT services with our VCell Services, at the 2017 Digital Ship Conference. VCell has evolved as the first End-to-End Maritime ICT Solution Certified for Cyber Security, following guidelines on Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management, providing reliable Vessel ICT operations, from IT to SatComms, as one Complete Managed Solution. With KVH, we onboarded “Everything-as-a-Service”, providing ICT under One Team, One Managed Service, including ICT Infrastructure, Services, KVH Plans, KVH Equipment, Assessment and Planning Manuals, under one monthly fee, without commitment.
May 31


We presented one more pioneering solution for the Maritime Industry named VCell, a complete integrated managed solution for Vessel Information Technology and Communications Systems. VCell received the Business IT Excellence Award for being the most Innovative & Complete Service Introduced in the Hellenic ICT Market in the same year.
May 31


We completed and launched an innovative communications platform for the Maritime industry called IQ Marine, which rapidly stood out in the market. IQ Marine was awarded the “Business IT Excellence AWARD for Exports Start” in the same year.
May 31


We moved to our current headquarters in Nea Philadelfia, Athens, meeting the market’s fast growing demands for our expertise in the ICT business. We carried on building up our market positioning, based on customer satisfaction, loyalty and awards by partners.
May 31


IQ Solutions was founded, by Mr Paris Papanastasiou and Mr George Varakis