The Cyber Secure Evolution of Onboard ICT Has Arrived.

360o Control, Integrity, Reliability, Availability, Auditability and Security 24/7

Maritime Cyber Risk Management is not about one single system…

A well trained team of Engineers, brings a Cyber Secure Solution, along with their deep knowledge of the Maritime Industry. Full IT and Satellite Communications management, under one monthly fee.

No upfront costs, no CapEx, just OpEx. What’s even better, is that there is no commitment. Whenever you require to stop the service for any reason, you are free to do so.

VCell = [SatComms Management] + [Agile IT] + [Engineering Services] + [Cyber Security]

For a monthly fee, without commitment…

VCell Comes In Two Different Flavors.

VCell is the heart of your Vessel’s Information and Communications Management, including support and maintenance, with no constraints. Go beyond any other solution. We bundle more services under one Redundant System, One Team, One Bill, from IT to Communications, to Services, to Manuals and Processes. No commitment. Simple as that. Yes, it’s the ideal situation you were thinking about for your fleet.

ServiceBasicAdvancedDetailed Description
Email & Audit of the emailsXXVessel audit insights for email sent and received for compliance. 
File Transfer / SynchronizationXXShip and shore. Scheduled or manual, synchronize and transfer critical data.
Antivirus UpdatesXXAuto updated protection from viruses, malicious code, spyware, Trojans. 
Compression and EncryptionXXCompressed and encrypted data cannot be reconstructed if accessed.
Remote AccessXXAlways have access to systems and devices you need, when you need them. 
Crew Calling ServiceXXA card service for the crew, which must be authenticated to call. 
Call LoggingXXStatistical and technical log analysis and tracking of calls.
Bandwidth ManagementXXMeasure, check, limit and customize your bandwidth and data rates at anytime.
FirewallXXPrevent unauthorized access and protect your private network.
Load BalancingXXOptimize and maximize your throughput by combining any comms provider
Fail over mechanismsXXAutomated transfer to second comms channel, in case of primary failure.
Least Cost RoutingXXRoute your traffic to the carrier with the least cost for maximum savings.
External Wi-Fi & 3G/LTE connectivityXXSeamless connection to non-satellite networks when close to shore.
Backup & Replication on vesselXXReal time, backups mirroring server data in real time.
Retention Policy up to 10 days (*)XXBest practices for the information being maintained or "retained".
ERP/PMS SynchronizationXXERP/PMS data sync for optimum Vessel and office co-operation. 
VDI SupportXXVDIs retain attacks and prevent infections spread, along with cost savings.
LANs SegregationXXSeparate networks enhance security. Sensitive data not available to everyone. 
Crew email serviceXTailored for maritime use with private email accounts. 
AntiSpamXControl unsolicited bulk email targeting crew.
AntiMalwareXProtect your crew from malicious emails.
AntiPhishingXCapability to protect crew against identify phishing.
Crew Internet ServiceXShare your internet costs and provide quality services, by reselling access cards.
Data CompressionXData consumption reduced by 3 to 5 times.
Proxy ServiceXSave valuable airtime and accelerate contents speeds.
Web FilteringXAutomatically blocked out malicious websites.
Hardware / Software MonitoringXReal monitoring of logical and physical systems state, for you and our team.
Patch Management On-lineXSystems patches are downloaded directly, either scheduled or as an emergency.
Patch Management Off-lineXSystems patches pre-downloaded locally and are mass applied from repository.
Closed Circuit TV for vessel monitoringXOnboard real time and quick response capabilities any time you need.
Backup on Premise / Vessel to shoreXBackup your data to shore for archiving, auditing and compliance purposes.
VPN ConnectivityXEncrypted channels, secure data transfers and authorized external users.
Voip Ship to Shipping company (**)XDirect call from office to ship and vise-versa via VoIP integration with office.
Managed Printing ServiceXA complete onboard MPS system, optimized for economy and efficient printing.
Unified Management Platform (***)XA unified and secure web portal experience, to control and monitor all.
Vessel live position (**)(***)XPosition, direction, speed, longitude/latitude depicted via live vector maps.

VCell at a Glance

Managed Services

> Managed VSat Services
> Managed Networks
> Managed Compute Infrastructure
> Managed Client Infrastructure
> Managed Voice
> Managed Printing
> Managed Security
> Managed Disaster Recovery
> Managed Shore Replication
> Full Remote Support
> Live Logging
> Live Monitoring – ICT HW & SW


> Virtualization
> Load Balancing & Failover
> Firewall
> Remote Deployment of Software
> Business Network Segregation
> Antivirus Automated Updates
> File Storage + File/Folder Sync
> Critical Applications Automation
> Crew Welfare Services
> Maritime CCTV Monitoring
> Unified Platform

Bundle KVH Plans With VCell

> Field Survey
> KVH Equipment Provision
> KVH Equipment Services
> Agile VSat Plans
> VCell Infra and Services

One Managed Service, from ICT to SatComms!
One Monthly Fee for your Entire Vessel ICT and No Commitment!