With the all-new TracPhone® V7HTS, connect with data rates as fast as 10/3 Mbps, plus get an unlimited use data channel.
Free installation, and zero maintenance costs.

Introducing TracPhone

Trouble-free service for your fleet’s needs from this pioneering 60 cm TracPhone V7HTS.

This satellite transceiver masterpiece is free shipped to your vessels along with your free AgilePlans Standard Installation in selected ports around the globe. TracPhone V7HTS delivers seamless global coverage with download/upload speeds as fast as 10 Mbps/3 Mbps.

This advanced new solution allows you to enjoy fast data rates perfect for streaming HD content or video chatting with friends and family—allowing you to enjoy the Internet as you would at home. Your system comes with complimentary field service, initial network design consultations and global technical support.

Agile plans and no commitment

A monthly subscription fee can cover your hardware, airtime, global service, and a set of amazing services that change the way you run your business at sea.

KVH TracPhone V7HTS dual-channel configuration can provide hybrid airtime, meaning the use of both a high bandwidth channel of 10 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, plus free unlimited use lower bandwidth data channel.

You can even enjoy the benefits of crew welfare for Sports, News and Entertainment along with Videotel training content delivered directly to your vessels.

Truly extended coverage

TracPhone V7-HTS Coverage

 V7HTS Ku-band Coverage

TracPhone V7-HTS Coverage with Shipping Routes

Shipping Density:   High  Medium   Low

These maps depict KVH’s expectations for mini-VSAT Broadband TracPhone V7HTS’s coverage; actual coverage and availability may vary.

This managed HTS network provides advantageous personal, operational, and crew connections, including:

  • 65 million square kilometers (25 million square miles) added to KVH’s already industry-leading Ku-based coverage, delivering unprecedented coverage for a service with speeds as fast as 10/3 Mbps (download/upload)
  • Greater resilience to weather and rain fade than Ka-band networks
  • A high-speed worldwide network that doesn’t require antiquated L-band satellites for back up due to rain fade or network beam availability issues
  • Automatic, fast switching among high-speed network beams ensuring seamless communications
  • Fast data rates perfect for streaming HD content or video chatting for crew — allowing them to enjoy the Internet as they would at home.